Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scandal? - The IOC investigating Vancouver’s secret Russian deal that may have brought the 2010 Games to Canada - Alexander Popov key voter?

The article needs more references since it seems rushed and convoluted but the crux is what I call "loophole politics..."

Yuri Luzhkov was the mayor of Moscow; (read as past tense), he was fired amid corruption allegations. The article uses the word "fired." I guess in Russia you can "fire" mayors. It goes on to say that Bob Storey, of the bobsled and skeleton federation sat down with the Luzhkov and cut a deal stating that Vancouver would provide the Russians a workshop on how to win an Olympic bid for what the accuser claims was in exchange for a block of Russian votes at the IOC - Olympic swimmer, Alexander Popov, was one of those votes.

The IOC is taking the allegation seriously and is investigating

Here comes the loophole in the investigation:
"... On Feb. 11, Furlong told QMI that the IOC rules did not apply because Luzhkov was not an IOC member.

“We agreed to assist each other and the Mayor of Moscow, in return for us giving a hand to help us organize a bid, he told us he would try to influence them helping us,” Furlong said. “Plain and simple, happens all the time. ...”

Happens all the time? Yes, it sure does!

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