Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on the "missing" swimmer in La Jolla!

A couple days a go I made the following post:

From La Jolla Patch:

According to the Coast Guard, 53-year-old Jim Repetto planned to swim the two miles from Scripps Pier to the La Jolla Shores lifeguard tower but never made it.

Dunphy said the search was called off around 2 p.m.

"Pending any further developments, we are not going to be searching actively anymore," Dunphy said.

Well Rob of RobAquatics says there is a bit of a mystery here since the missing swimmer was currently in a spot of trouble.

From the L.A. Times blog:
The case has now been turned over to the missing persons bureau of the San Diego Police Department. The move was taken after investigators interviewed friends and relatives of Repetto and discovered "disturbing" facts in his background.

Go to the blog to find out why!

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Jake said...

I had not heard about his troubles. That does make this case a bit more questionable.