Monday, February 14, 2011

USA Swimming investigates Sean Hutchison and finds no evidence of an improper relationship!

From AP:
"While it is not our policy to investigate in the absence of a formal complaint, we acted in the best interest of our athletes, coaches and organization to conduct a full investigation into this situation," USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus said.

After we received the report, we felt it was important to correct the false rumors."
The investigator's report said in part that "there was no evidence to substantiate the existence of an inappropriate sexual or romantic relationship between coach Hutchison and the athlete."

So, why did they investigate Sean Hutchison? There must have been a complaint but the rumors of Hutchison having an improper "anything" were denied by Bill Jewel - he even stated that he had no idea how these rumors got into the press?

I asked Amy Shipley of the Washington Post how these rumors got into the press and she stated in an email that it all came from Bill Jewell's mouth.

Here is what I know:

On December 29th, Amy Shipley of the Washington Post wrote an article complete with names and quotes stating that Sean Hutchinson had resigned from his coaching position at the Fullerton Aquatics Swim Team (FAST) after being confronted regarding rumors of a swimmer/coach romantic relationship, a concept forbidden by USA Swimming despite participants being adults.

Soon after USA Today followed up with their own story which pretty much collaborated what the Washington Post had written but included even more quotations by Bill Jewell.

Then on January 6th, Swimming World posted that the Washington Post Story was innaccurate in that Sean Hutchison did not resign and everything was all good.

Now AP is stating that USA Swimming concluded an investigation and they found all of the above to be unfounded rumors. USA Swimming even hired a private investigator to do the leg work for them.

So, we MUST presume Sean Hutchison is innocent but what cannot be denied is that there was a lot of lying connected to this story. Bill Jewell stating that Sean Hutchinson resigned, then Bill Jewell says it never happened but if there were never any rumors in the first place, why did USA Swimming investigate?

USA Swimming is on record as to participating in an investigation. If it appears that something was sorely missed I truly recommend that this be the last straw for all of the "Yes-Men" on the USA Swimming board of directors and a new CEO is put in place.


Anonymous said...


After he was fired from USA Swimming, Mark Schubert was cooperating and sharing information with the attorneys suing USA Swimming in the sexual abuse trials. He also obtained INDISPUTABLE PROOF (through a private investigator) that showed Hutchison appearing to being cozy and intimate with one of the FAST post grad athletes. Schubert demanded a 5 million dollar settlement from USA Swimming and presented them with copies of the incriminating evidence against Hutchison. In fear of the potential damage that Schubert was in the position to cause, USA Swimming settled with Schubert for 2.5 millon dollars on the condition that he not cooperate with the attorneys opposing USA Swimming and he keeps quiet about the Hutchison issue.

When the Hutchison scandal broke in the Washington Post, Hutchison told USA Swimming and the leaders of FAST that he was gay and it is impossible for him to have a sexual relationship with one of his female athletes. In reality, there are two female athletes involved because one broke the jaw of the other in a fight over Hutchison.

When is this going to end? USA Swimming paid over 15 million dollars in legal fees to defend sexual abuse lawsuits in 2010. A new sexual abuse lawsuit against USA Swimming has been filed in Seattle, WA and two more are forthcoming in Indianapolis, IN and Bakersfield, CA. With several trials coming up and the new lawsuits, it would be safe to estimate that legal fees figure to more than double in 2011 past the 30 million plus mark.

The television media is preparing another piece against USA Swimming and is looking into ASCA's John Leonard and Peter Banks writing letters of recommendation for notorious Irish pedophile coach George Gibney for jobs with clubs in the United States and working as a consultant for USA Swimming.

USA Swimming and ASCA are very similar in that they both have rubber stamp boards that don't provide oversight to their executive directors and employees. Both organizations manipulate, profit off of, and squander their membership's money.

With their past history of lies and cover-ups, why would this situation be any different? USA Swimming is in a no-win situation and lying and covering this up, even if it is going to cost them 2.5 million of membership money is worth it to them. I can't believe the media fell for their cock and bull story.

Tony Austin said...

Anonymous: This is mind blowing, I got contacted by two people asking how you knew about Washington, how did you know about Bakersfield? No one is suppose to know that yet. ..."

I told them, I just hit the "publish comment" as I always do even if I am being insulted.

I can feel the anger and the frustration in your voice - actually, I feel the rage and it is one of the reasons why I have not been blogging much because I feel it too.

Anonymous said...


I knew some of that stuff from inside sources (Hutchinson and the post grad) but....what a mess it all seems to be. So sad.
Thanks for always being on top of things Tony.

Tony Austin said...

Thank you very much... So I can clarify something, the anon post was all news to me, the drama, the "punch out!"

Three people have asked me if I was this "anonymous source" and the answer is no.

I do appreciate the risk anonymous took to post it and I am sure they appreciate the risk I am taking by posting it.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tony! You are so brave. Your blind anger at USA Swimming is really getting to the heart of this topic! You wonder what happened with the Washington Post article? Bill Jewel played Amy Shipley the same way this anonymous commenter is playing you. If I wanted to start a nasty false rumor (like the punch out or Schubert having pictures), this would be the first place I'd go too. You are always willing to put stuff out there, especially if it can be twisted to fault USAS. But now you are being used by a chain that starts with one of your old enemies, no longer at USA Swimming. Who cares about valid facts! Who cares about trusted sources! Down with the MAN! So brave.

Tony Austin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glenn said...

Very funny Tony... "may I send it to you" end to that post.

Like this guy would actually send you his actual email. "Internet brave" is reserved for people who argue but won't post their name, and for blogs who don't allow comments.

I can understand the first poster staying anon because chances are, if an accuser posts his/her actual name, they risk getting on the bad side of USAS, and who knows what that means... maybe their profession on the line. Yes, I'm skeptical and not afraid to post that I'm skeptical with my name. They obviously care nothing of what someone like me thinks anyway... so I have nothing to worry about.

When people attack you personally, without putting their name... well... that's just chicken.

coacherik said...

Anonymous #1, I expect you to report this to USA-Swimming if these are in fact all true.

Whether or not they are, I am not going to speculate but these types of accusations (its what they are until further notice) need to be addressed. If they aren't addressed after you submit them to the anonymous tip contact on, then by all means the let the bashing rain on those who refuse to accept responsibility of protecting our young (and old) athletes.

I am a member of our LSC BOD and to this day I am still skeptical on several accounts of the past and am hoping things are changing [with the legislation and certain people (former GM teammate?) voted into the Technical Chair seat]. We are supposed to be skeptical, if we don't ask the questions, we are just as guilty as those who perpetuate through cover-up.

I am also not a member of ASCA because I have yet to see consistent content that really makes me want to say, "yeah, I need to be a part of this". Additionally, when the head of the organization says that the biggest problem and the key to the future success of swimming is getting a coach or swimmer on the FINA board and NOT CHILD PROTECTION. I cannot morally support that kind of entity.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for posting this information. Do you know if there has been a wider response to anonymous' allegations? Given everything that has happened with USAS, I would not be surprised at all if the allegations are all true. I just hope that USAS can start serving the swimmers instead of the fat cats running the show.

coacherik, anonymous can't report the allegations to usa swimming, because usa swimming stands to suffer big time if the allegations are true. it would be like informing don corleone that the mafia is breaking the law!

Tony Austin said...

Yes, There has been a HUGE response to your allegations from top to bottom of the sport and that is not an exaggeration. Note, all your allegations, save for the lawsuit info, is being denied.

I have been asked by three people if I am "anonymous" and the answer is obviously no.

The broken jaw section of your post is AWESOME but is still an extraordinary claim - is it possible to have that claim backed it up?

Also your dollar figures seem high. I understand the dollar amount to be $1.7-million not 15-million using the 2009 Form 990 US Swimming filed. (BTW Michael Jackson paid 1-million defending himself so the $1.7-million number is still HUGE.)

I don't believe that Pat Hogan is on the board of directors but he sure is paid well.

Here is a big request and I ask it humbly, Do you have access to the John Leonard recommendation letter for that perv Irsih coach, George Gibney, or perhaps evidence that it occurred and I will post it as a download. If not, the readers her have to presume it never happened.

In other words I would like to back up everything you have stated and and by doing so would really put this sport back on track.

Can you you hook me up?

SwimDad said...


I am very disappointed in Anonymous 1's post and of your endorsement of it as near fact.

The post contains incredible inaccuracies which are clearly designed to inflame the reader's sensibilities and to place USAS in a bad light.

Moreover, the post comes from a nameless, faceless coward. Publishing very serious false allegations against elite athletes and an elite coach without any proof constitutes slander and defamation. I understand that this person has forwarded his or her rant to more than 10,000 coaches and USAS members across the country. If these allegations are untrue (and I believe that they are) I believe that this further publication only furthers the damages Anon 1 might face in a civil lawsuit. By posting anonymously, Anon 1's motivation should be seriously questioned.

If the allegations are true (which they do not appear to be), Anon 1 is violating USAS's Code of Conduct. Section 306.1 of the Code of Conduct requires any person with first-hand knowledge or reliable second-hand knowledge to report the abuse to USAS. Clearly if Anon 1 has this information, he or she has not shared it with USAS or the two independent investigation agencies looking into the charges.

Substantively, Anon 1's post is wildly inaccurate. USAS has spent zero on legal fees this year and last year. It is USSIC that pays defense costs. USSIC's legal fees were $1.7 millionin 2010--these fees included the Tyr suit and several litiguous abuse cases. This is no surprise. To state that $30 million will be spent in 2011 is ridiculous.

I ask that you disclose the identity of Anon 1, or insist that he or she identify him or herself before being allowed to post more unsubstantiated accusations.


Tony Austin said...

I have no idea who anon is! NONE!

My content management system; (, is the company that would have to be subpoenaed for that info and I bet they don't know either.

The only comments I disallow are spam; (such as: Play poker now, hot chicks waiting, your Vicodin order has shipped, need any blue pills... that sort of stuff) and I disallow comments that attack a reader or someone who has commented.)

I post insults directed at me, comments and rants if it is on topic, and I post allegations that are so outrageous & entertaining knowing that my readers are sophisticated enough to tell what to take seriously and what to enjoy.

I was both entertained and enlightened by anon's post. I had no idea there were more lawsuits.

I don't see where or how I endorsed it as mere fact? In my previous comment I outlined what proof I would need to endorse it, such as the letter John Leonard may or may not have written, evidence regarding the "broken jaw" and I even casted doubt on the dollar figures.

BTW, the Jaw breaking thing was awesome. Two "race horses" fighting over a male suitor! that does not even happen in the movies. How could I not pass that up?

As for Schubert, I think it is obvious that he is in negotiations for a settlement. He has hired a lawyer.

As for Hutchison, I stated we have to presume him 100% innocent in a post or two and perhaps in a comment as well.

I do know that the media is investigating but the the project is on hold.

As far as I can see all I endorsed is the anger and when I look at this organization that spends more on a CEO's salary and lawyer fees then the amount they spend on grants they doll out to clubs, I feel fine regarding endorsing the anger anon feels.

Swim Dad I am sorry I disappointed you. I am.


White Water 3 said...

As evidenced by the posts of anon1 and swim dad, this is a very emotionally charged subject.

Here are some of my thoughts –

I find the punch out funny, but not really believable.

On the legal fees issue, USSIC spent 1.7 million dollars in legal fees during the calendar year of 2009. I believe that USA Swimming was forced in the San Jose lawsuit and discovery to disclose the amount spent on legal fees in the calendar year of 2010 and I believe that is where the 15 million dollar figure is coming from. The 30 million dollar figure for 2011 thrown out in anon1’s post was clearly an estimate or his or her speculation. If the 15 million for 2010 is accurate, then I guess (with trials and more lawsuits), 30 million wouldn’t be out of the question. I consider USSIC and USA Swimming to be one in the same since they are under the same umbrella. Whether the legal fees or settlements are paid through USA Swimming or USSIC, those entities are funded through the USA Swimming membership.

It was also mentioned in anon1’s post that he got some of his information from USA Swimming employees. Could the morale be bad in Colorado Springs? I’m sure there were Schubert supporters and those that are supportive of Wielgus.

I believe to find out the truth, the focus and foundation of this big house of cards should be on Schubert and whether USA Swimming settled with him for the 2.5 million dollar figure. If indeed there has been a settlement of that magnitude, then I believe the membership is entitled to a complete independent investigation of both USA Swimming and Hutchison.

It also appears that the anon in post #1 and the anon in post #9 are different. Anon in post #9 brings up a good point about “informing Don Corleone that the mafia is breaking the law.” Why would anyone want to fight USA Swimming with their ruthless attitude and unlimited resources?

Tony Austin said...

Again, my readers should be the bloggers.

You make many salient points. The one that sticks out is how a USSIC may or may not be paying out these fees.

In fact, since the corporation is incorporated in Barbados, who is on the board and who is drawing a salary from that corporation?

Schubert has been quiet and so has USA Swimming on their current relationship. I suspect they are quietly settling with each other?

As for leaked info from Colorado Springs employees... According to line 7, on page-ten, in the USA Swimming Form 990, Salary expenses are $3.62-million.

Ten executives make 2.7 of that 3.62-million per year... How many employees does Colorado Springs have and what do they make?

Imagine working at a non-profit that has family supported swimmers propping up the non-profit with a whopping 34-million a year budget. The executives therein are making fortunes each year that would take a very aggressive saver a lifetime to accumulate, and then you see sex scandals, TV news shows, salary reports on this blog, and finally a DEAD swimmer. How o you go to work in the morning?

I am looking forward to a victim or two getting a court date. That is what will clean up swimming.

The Real Splash of Truth said...

There's no doubt that things need to be changed at USA Swimming. But it has to be a change lead by good intentions to better the sport. This latest charge is lead by lies. Pushing those lies makes us no better than the bullies in Colorado Springs. The last thing we need is to replace Swimming's Mubarek with its' muslim brotherhood. Too soon?

Here are the corrections to "Splash of Truth"'s facts:

There has been no settlement with Mark Schubert.

USA Swimming’s legal fees are public and in the 990 which is posted every year on their website. These fees, as Tony pointed out, total nowhere near 15M.

Schubert never presented USA Swimming with incriminating information regarding Hutchison. Why would they back him if there was even a chance he was guilty? They would throw him out on the street, and not think twice about it. He'd been vilified in the press, despite two separate private investigations coming up with no evidence. USA Swimming did the right thing coming out in his defense.

There was no conflict between two girls on the team (the broken jaw). And Tony, I don't find it "awesome" to think about any of those women with a broken jaw. Maybe that's just me.

Not only is this ruining what's left of a man's good name, it's distracting professional swimmers on his team from doing their job. It's messing with people's lives.

There's a right way to go about calling for change. Rallying behind lies is not the right way, even if buzz phrases like "sexual abuse" have proven to get the national media's attention.

Tony Austin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Austin said...

I deleted one of my comments and I am re-writing it to fix the grammar and to apologize for endorsing the punch out. I stand corrected. Violence is never awesome. :-(

Here is the rewrite:

Yeah man, that shows me! Good thing you posted anon too since your constructive rhetorical insult is "so scandalous" that you needed the "shroud of anon" to protect you from any witty retort!

Do I know if any of the comments in anon's post are 100% accurate? I do not. I am sure sophisticated readers like yourself can make up their minds if it is true but a lot in there; [The lawsuit stuff], is credible. [...] The form 990 stated they spent 1.7 million on lawsuits in 2009 [so i doubt 15 million was].

[...] If the lawsuits are real I will make [the briefs] available for a download. [...]

Two people have told me they are real and they are connected to lawyers. I need to see the briefs.

As for the punch out: That was such an epic, hyperbolic, and perhaps metaphorical description that I just had to post it. It was awesome, two "race horses" fighting over [a] male suitor. You never see that in Hollywood. [I apologize for hoping it was true, my bas instincts get the best of me. A broken jaw would be horrific and I doubt it happened.]

Now, The next thing I am looking for to confirm as real is the letter John Leonard may or may not have written endorsing a pedophile coach. [No evidence so far confirming this]

I don't know if it's me or what, but if you make a living certifying coaches as credible [and safe] to coach children, than your job is quality control and if you are stupid enough not to check references or a search a criminal database, then certifying coaches is not the business you should be in. [consequently] perhaps you should be sued as the results of that incompetence. I will post that letter in all it's glory as well if it is out there.

As for the television media talk - Producer Meghan thanked me after winning an award in January for getting the ball rolling on the infamous USA Swimming 20/20 episode. Yes, it is being explored again so that end is true as well.

Now, [as for the allegation of a] past series of cover-ups, how about that email where Weilgus said: "Let's keep this between you and me"

May I send it to you?

coacherik said...

To say why would you go against USA Swimming when its like The God Father or any other analogy is ridiculous. If they are in fact true statements, 1st hand accounts of what happened, you have a legal obligation to do so. I am only pretty sure the bylaws were quoted here and that there would many people in the press and lawyer world who would love to get your story out that USA Swimming is not looking into your 1st had accounts.

Crap on them as much as you want, but as one of the 17 other posts said. If you don't do something, you are just as guilty as the rest. Anon #1, you either are spewing lies or are as guilty as the people you persecute.

What joke this thread of comments has become...Its been a couple of months since I've visited this blog and honestly, several more before I ever consider coming back.

-Coach Erik

Tony Austin said...

Erik, my blog is what it is. If you want measured words, rock solid facts, and little emotion, go read Swimming World; they will definitely appreciate and enjoy your patronage.

BTW Nick Brunelli just linked to my blog and I am very flattered.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if Coach Erik has ever tried to resolve an issue through USA Swimming. My experience has been that the concern always gets sent back to the LSC and if you belong to a powerful LSC like Southern California Swimming nothing gets resolved.

It's taken years to fully understand how the system works and the more I learn the more disgusted I become!

surfer said...

that's the kind of strange that might actually be largely truth. with all that has gone down in the last year... i wouldn't be surprised anymore.

Anonymous said...

USA Swimming Corruption
Us swim Scandal [Chat now]
Add to Contacts

Dear USA Swimming Members & Swimming Enthusiasts,

This email is being distributed to over 10,000 addresses of coaches, parents, swimmers and team representatives. Please feel free to forward it along to as many people as you'd like including your team members, coaches and other parents. The only way to fight the corruption and mismanagement that is plaguing our sport is to educate and bring this to light amongst the general membership.

On Monday, February 14, 2011, USA Swimming issued a press release to the national media claiming that a full investigation by an independent private investigator found no evidence that Sean Hutchison, the USA Swimming Olympic Training Center Coach at Fullerton Aquatic Sports Team (FAST), had an inappropriate relationship with an athlete.

Contrary to USA Swimming’s statement, we have strong reason to believe this investigation was inaccurate and it was nothing more than a deceptive cover-up by the executives and board members of USA Swimming. In fact, two high ranking employees of USA Swimming have characterized the investigation as "a lame and half hearted effort".

The true facts as we understand them are as follows…

Tony Austin said...

Anonymous, my hands are a bit tied. The pressure is on. Please see this link:

I can't post the rest of your comments; (Note, you have seven more in the queue waiting), but I will post them once they include links to news stories or files people can download. In fact, I will make it an official post instead of a comment.

At this time anything I post, even if it is a comment has to be bullet proof. Bloggers are under fire and your topics are RED HOT so to speak. See the link above.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if USA is now investigating any impropriety with GWSC and Bill Jewell at this time? Your blog mentions some kind of cover up involving Mark Schubert as well. Myself and several parents are concerned now about issues involving things going on at our swim club, which is GWSC and its head coaches Schubert and Jewell. We are hearing many rumors and now the team manager was fired today. However, for some reason several young teenage girls knew that she was going to be fired days beforehand, which in my mind is completely unprofessional on the part of our head coaches.

Tony Austin said...

I have no idea. For questions as hot as this one, please send a private email. SOme readers may take your question as rhetorical and interpret it incorrectly.