Thursday, March 03, 2011

British diver Tom Daley stars in a new London 2012 Olympic mascot film!

After being bullied at school for wearing a racing brief for his "day job," Tom Daley became quite a celebrity for bringing the subject of school bullying to the publics attention:

"... From age 11 to 14 Daley attended Eggbuckland Community College. At 13 he became a celebrity supporter of ChildLine, a children's helpline run by the NSPCC, and at that time it was revealed that he had been bullied eighteen months earlier. In April 2009 Daley alleged to Plymouth's main local newspaper The Herald that he had been regularly bullied at school since the Olympics, and his father told the BBC that he had temporarily withdrawn him from Eggbuckland because its response to the problem had been ineffective..." -- Wiki
Eggbuckland? What a name for school! Sounds like trouble on many levels to me.

Later Daley got to hang with Kate Moss and even convinced her to pose for him for a photo recreation of a David Hockney original portrait. He even went swimming with her since Moss believe it or not is a synchro-swimmer.

Daley has become a British celebrity for both his accomplishments in the pool and his charity involvement hence he was perfect actor to be an attraction in the London 2012 Mascot film titled "Out of the Rainbow" with the "cyclops" London 2012 mascot:

Here is a link to the film: [Link]


arwel said...

He also had a non-speaking role in a sketch in last Friday's very successful Comic Relief telethon, which raised £74 million - search "Smithy saves Red Nose Day 2011!" on YouTube. He appears together with (among others), George Michael, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton from the Harry Potter movies, ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Lord Seb Coe the chair of the 2012 Olympic Organising Committee, Justin Bieber, Sir Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr!

Tony Austin said...

It is possible that he could attend another two or three Olympics after London. Awesome athlete.

arwel said...

I agree with you. Mind you he did come a little unstuck in the DWS in Moscow last Saturday, finishing 5th and about 150 points behind Qiu Bo who was quite simply awe-inspiring - 607.6 points!! I don't think anyone's scored over 600 in international competition before. We'll have to see what happens in the Beijing DWS meet this weekend...

Tony Austin said...

I know it's sounds odd but you only learn how to win by failing. I am sure Tom Daley is more inspired than intimidated. Kids that young are stupid to go into shock or over think losses. ;-)