Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A 'Splash of Truth' has launched a website!

[ UPDATE: The Splash of Truth website is down. The site definitely looked like it was a work in progress when it was live and all the content they had up thus far proved none of the allegations in their two previous letters.

So what are we left with? My take is this: We must presume their allegations as untrue until documentation can support their original claims.

Tony ]

A Splash of Truth has a website! - "Put up or shut up," that is what we said! Well, we wanted the proof and now we can see if the Splash of Truth has delivered?

So, dig in and validate and/or verify before posting any comments. Also, it is VITAL that we validate, verify and spread the word if it is true or if it is false; especially if false: [Link]

That is a painting of Guy Fawkes to the left. He was a British conspirator in a Catholic plot to blow up the King of England at the House of Lords during the state opening of the English Parliament in 1605. He has become a pop-culture icon for all things anonymous. See the movie "V for Vendetta."

He was caught guarding 36-kegs of dynamite, then hanged, drawn and quartered!


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to read Christine Schemmel's deposition. In October, she informed me that she requested the NBR to question my LSC BOR on unresolved protests that I had filed months earlier. In November, I contacted Christine for an update and received an automated response that Christine no longer worked at USA Swimming. To date, my protests are still pending!

Tony Austin said...

I don't know the details nor the personalities. Perhaps send me an email or post here?

Anonymous said...

It appears the "Splash of Truth" Website no longer exists!!!

Tony Austin said...

Yes, Jason IMed me and so did Chris. I did an update post. So far since nothing was proved to support their earlier letters, We have to presume them false until documentation is provided.

Anonymous said...

Tony - What's your e-mail?

Tony Austin said...