Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Splash of Truth website is down!

UPDATE: The Splash of Truth website is down. The site definitely looked like it was a work in progress when it was live and all the content they had up thus far proved none of the allegations in their two previous letters.

So what are we left with? My take is this: We must presume their allegations as untrue until documentation can support their original claims.



Anonymous said...

Actually the site is up again with multiple dipositions. It is obvious the source is the plantiff side in the King case.

Tony Austin said...

I suspect you are right. but the police report and the Gibney letter probably isn't if they exist.

If they do, I am posting them

Anonymous said...

The site is back up minus the "Hall of Shame" category which included pictures of individuals -- Yikes!!!

Anonymous said...

The "Splash" site now has a new logo. (No longer USA Swimming)

surfer said...

YAH! could you post "the truths" address please

someone should start another site with the hall of shame ...with pictures! these sick bastards deserve (earned) it.