Monday, March 14, 2011

You Tube: Japanese Earthquake Tsunami Wave arrives in Emeryville CA

The Tsunami that hit Japan also hit California, see it above rolling into the San Francisco Bay towards Emeryville in the You Tube above. Though much smaller in proportions and diminished strength. This should be looked upon as a de facto warning. Though I am pro-nuclear power as a way of cleaning up both our air and water, I question whether California has any idea what risks the San Onofre nuclear power plant and the El Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant pose? Both practically reside on ocean front property and both are located near earthquake faults.

Though the nuclear explosion in Japan will not by any means be comparable to the Chernobyl accident; (I can provide links as to why), this "black swan" event could easily be duplicated in California and that concerns me.


hydroG said...

well the vid looks pretty harmless. but that is the thing when a tsunami is far from its origin. It may not arrive with a 20 foot wave. It may be a small wave when it reaches land, but it has a massive amount of force and can still due major damage to boats, docks, and piers well as tow swimmers/surfers out to sea.
I saw footage from Brooking, OR an it was only a couple feet of surge, but it did a lot of major property damage

Trev said...

I heard that even just the small waves we had from it here did millions in damage to boats and docks in Marina del Rey.

Tony Austin said...

Really! Wow!

This was such a "black swan" event that was beyond imagination. An earthquake so powerful that it is listed in the top 7 earthquakes known, a tsunami ensues, and then 3 reactors go without coolant. (I understand they are cooled off now.)

What an event, it is so surreal an "black swanish" that you expect Godzilla to pop out of a whirl pool honking and screaming and then be told to go see the movie this summer.