Friday, May 13, 2011

For the past three years I have been wet suit shopping! - I just purchased a 'blueseventy Reaction' for the 'Alcatraz Sharkfest' swim!

After reading review after review, doing analytics studies on those winning in cold water races, eyeing what the pro triathletes wore before they were signed, and even looking at both the history, and and technological output of all the companies involved, I have settled on a blueseventy Reaction.

Blueseventy has a history of winning technology: The blueseventy Helix essentially has been the suit of choice by pro triathletes till they were paid to switch. Chrissie Wellington, Julie Dibbons, Andy Potts and many more chose the b70 Helix first. That was a good enough endorsement for me.

I looked at open water swimmers who won their events with utterly no sponsorship deals in place and again the blueseventy was the front runner. Even when you looked at the history of blueseventy technology in the swimming pool again they proved their prowess with "weaponized" swimsuits that changed the whole sport. Soon Jaked, Arena, FINIS, followed their lead. Both swimming and swimmers shot onto the national radar and athletes actually made a living wage becasue of their innovation. I swam my best times ever in a blueseventy Nero.

Though the Helix is the the gold standard for open water race wear. I chose the Reaction because I will never be an elite swimmer but I still want access to the best mid range technology I can get and I trust b70 for that technology.

The photo above is Andy Potts before he was signed with TYR wearing a blueseventy Helix.


Anonymous said...

I've also been wondering what wetsuit I should buy or rent.. whats the deal with sleeveless ones?? Ive seen many people having sleeveless wetsuits at the races I'm going to do..

The Tame Lion said...

Wow, that's cool!

Gabe Lopez said...

You should have bought the Tyr Hurricane Cat 3 or 5. It's the best wetsuit I have ever worn for swimming and the core panels really do work to get you swimming better. My coach asked me after an ocean swim "Why don't you swim like that in the pool?" & I told him "I don't wear this suit in the pool, if I did, I would be!" He now owns one after that comment.

Tony Austin said...

Gabe, that is awesome!

I want to see your stroke - I taught trevor how to swim; (bottom up all strokes), and within a year-and-a-half of hard work he beat me in the 50-free, 50 fly, 50 back, at a meet. I think he is a low 25.00 in the 50-free, a 26.00 in the 50-fly.