Monday, May 09, 2011

US Masters Swimming reviews ten wetsuits or so at You Tube.

Best wetsuit reviews I have ever seen; about ten suits in all. Thank you USMS.

On my radar for a wetsuit purchase this month for when I do Alcatraz in June is The blueseventy Reaction, Tyr Hurricane Category 5, and a dark horse I never thought I would consider is the Ocra Sonar and/or Phantom.

With all that stated above, I do want to be clear as to which I believe is the best wetsuit available and this opinion comes from personal observation rather than wear-and-tear or personal open water use: That wetsuit, hands down is the blueseventy Helix.

Why do I say that without having tried the suit? The answer is simple: Every single pro who created enough equity in their game or gathered enough wins under their belt to finally be signed by TYR such as Andy Potts, Julie Dibens, Chrissie Wellington, Sarah Haskins, and others wore the blueseventy Helix first. I suspect most, if not all were not paid a fee to do so but rather asked the company for a suit.

With this in mind I favor the Helix but the blueseventy Helix is out of my price range and my open water season is short. Hence, the blueseventy Reaction is my number one choice right now followed by the Hurricane and/or the Orca. I will let you know which one I purchase.

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