Monday, June 13, 2011

Ed Moses talks comeback with Sports Illustrated! - Masters swimming a safe harbor for Olympic comebacks!

Ed Moses speaks with Sports Illustrated (SI) about what he loves about swimming and his comeback. SI mentions using Moses using United States Masters Swimming (USMS) as a platform for a comeback. Obviously Masters is proving to be a safe harbor for the likes of Janet Evans, Dara Torres, and Ed Moses. This is a clear statement in regards to how professional an organization the USMS is.

Currently I am not a member of the USMS organization but I go to swim workouts 3-4 days a week. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after the USMS banned tech suits for short course yards despite that FINA has no jurisdiction over short course yards whatsoever. It is my opinion that masters swimming should allow competitors to swim SCY events in any suit that want. There are no recognized world records in short course yards. The 1970's want their briefs back; even the age groupers think so!
"... Those coming out of retirement must wait nine months before competing internationally due to drug-testing rules. So Moses is cleaning up on the U.S. Masters circuit, lapping a competitor on his way to sweeping the breaststrokes and shattering age-group records at April's short-course Masters national championships.
His most recent Masters swim was a 1:05.16 in the 100 breast last weekend, four seconds slower than the best overall U.S. time this year. He won't be able to measure himself against the best until August, when his nine-month wait ends and he enters the national championships.."

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