Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Model, Kate Moss, changes her wedding date so it won't conflict with swimmer, Charlene Wittstock's, wedding to the Prince of Monaco!

Kate Moss is about to spend $800k on a wedding. All these pop culture icons were invited but Charlene Wittstock wedding to the Prince of Monaco would have been held on the same day. Now, if you were an established or fading pop star icon, which wedding would you go to? I would choose Monaco.

From the New York Mag:
Apparently the wedding was originally scheduled for July 2, but Kate had to change it because that's when Charlene Wittstock is marrying the Prince of Monaco, in a wedding that will also take three days. They have many overlapping guests, you see, such as Naomi Campbell and Topshop chief Sir Philip Green, who are missing the last two days of Moss's party to go to Charlene's princess wedding.


First and foremost, both grooms are really dorky looking and both brides are an amazing contrast when placed side-by-side. Out of the whole bunch, Charlene Wittstock, looks the healthiest and I will leave it at that.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:
As the future princess of Monaco and wife to longtime bachelor Prince Albert II, the Zimbabwe-born, South Africa-raised former Olympic swimmer is to succeed Grace Kelly, whose 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier III is still widely seen as the gold standard for royal nuptials.

And as if the blue-eyed Hollywood beauty-turned-beloved princess didn't cast a long enough shadow, Albert's long-awaited marriage to Wittstock comes on the heels of the royal wedding of the decade, Kate Middleton's union with Britain's Prince William.

Monaco can't top the British Royal wedding but the do have the prettier and more accomplished bride.

Memo to men: You too can be short, pudgy, look bad in a suit, and still get the girl of your dreams! All you have to do is either become a rock star or be born into royalty! It works every time especially in Monaco where the former queen was American movie star, Grace Kelly. In fact, it took Hollywood a full generation to find a movie star as beautiful as her.


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