Friday, June 17, 2011

New York City swimming pool concept filters the very water it floats upon

Designed for both free swims and swim meets this unique design will float within the New York City river and will filter the very water source it floats upon via membranes within the structures walls. You can help build it too!

We've come a long way since last June. We're a lot farther with the project than we could have ever imagined and now we need your help to move the pool into the next phase. Since a pool like this has never been done before, it's up to us to prove that this not only works, but that it can be a catalyst for cleaning up the city's waterways.

We're asking for $25,000 to begin physical tests of the filtration materials and methods that we spent the winter studying. Our ultimate goal for this phase is to build a full scale mock-up of the + Pool filtration wall so that we can prove to the city how real this thing actually is. Material testing sure is pricey, but the more money we can raise here, the closer we are to getting + Pool in the water.


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