Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Diana Nyad is ready: Cuba to Florida in 60-hours! - Here is how she has trained for it

Diana Nyad is training so hard that she has to eat 9,000 calories a day and on Friday's she bikes a "century" or 100-miles.
Details at [Link]
What about technology? GPS systems, navigational software, chartered boats, shark shields and electric shark prods and it all isn't cheap. The swim will cost $500,000 and she has depleted her bank account but is still $150k short. :-(
Details at the New York Times: [Link]

Finally some dryland training stuff from ESPN:
"... On land, Nyad's workouts are simple and targeted, and work in opposition to the swimming: The more she swims, the less she does out of the water. At the height of her land training, up until about January, she'd do 100 burpees a day: a perfect-form military-style push-up paired with a vertical jump to engage and strengthen just about every muscle in her body. Early on she would bike 100 miles every Friday, but by April it was time to put the bike away. Too much of virtually any form of cardio other than swimming builds the legs too much -- counterproductive when you're trying to be as buoyant as possible over some 60-odd hours of swimming.

You can follow Diana Nyad's twitter account here: [Link]

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