Friday, July 15, 2011

Does Victoria Beckham want to stay put in L.A so that her kids can swim all year round?

Apparently David Beckham wants to play soccer in Europe but Local girl, Victoria Beckham, is digging L.A. so much that she does not want to move back to cold and rainy Europe. Not only is she pro sun but pro water activities for her kids as well.

This quote from X-17 Online:
"Victoria has told David she has never felt happier and that they now have the perfect family. She wants Harper to grow up in a place where she can have the amazing childhood the boys have had. Where they live now, they can play on the beach at the weekend, swim outdoors every day and have a great lifestyle growing up in the sunshine."

Check out the water mark on the photo to the right: Yes, Mark Savage! He also photographed me on the masthead above. Isn't Victoria Beckham just so lucky to have my personal friend and favorite photographer photograph her. He can shoot you too and he loves doing swim photography. Check out his blog here: [Link]

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