Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ryan Lochte spanks all in the 200-free!

I was worried that Ryan Lochte was building too much muscle. I was proved wrong. When you have that much talent and the amount of strength he has created for himself through hard work and dedication, how can he not be unstoppable.

Last night Ryan Lochte spanked the world in the the 200-meter free and it must have tasted so sweet for five of his competitors all within 1/2-second-or-so from victory. His time: 1:44.44, Michael Phelps: 1:44.79, Paul Biedermann: 1:44.88

He was gracious in victory and credited his competition like a true gentleman.

From Swimming World:

Lochte clocked a 1:44.44 for his first men's 200 free world title. Lochte's time stands 13th all time, and jumped Lochte into fifth on the all-time performers list. He used a 26.29 split to separate himself from the field and held on down the stretch, fighting off a late charge by Phelps.

"While everyone tried to go out, I just worked at what I am used to," Lochte said. "I've done all the training that I can. I guess it is my time tonight. It's the most challenging competition (I've ever raced)."


The photo above was taken by Mark Savage at last years Pan Pacs I believe. For more groovy photos of swimmers and celebrities check out his blog here: [Link]


Anonymous said...

Cielo needs to take a lession from Lochte on how to win gracefuly and not carry on..

Tony Austin said...

Lochte is the most gracious winner by far.

hydro said...

phelps started getting his world rocked before he took the break. He and his coach decided to blame the suits, but really it was his shine tarnishing (maybe to many shots, tokes, and stripers) and the world was starting to "wake" him. bye bye phelps!

do you ever get the feeling that Lochte's pop and Micheal could have a hell of a good time together?