Thursday, July 28, 2011

YouTube Video: Shanghai 2011 World Championships - James Magnussen wins the 100m Free with a quick 47.63

The Australians strike back: James Magnussen wins by 1/2-a-body length. Cesar Cielo did not medal.

Magnussen has a great pull: Note how he first he bends his hand at the wrist, then the elbow. and finally uses his hips to help pull a LOAD of water behind him.


TedBaker said...

Back end speed beats front end speed. Kid came back like a truck.

Tony Austin said...

Shouldn't a 100 free be all out?

TedBaker said...

No. The 50 free is all out. The 100 is quick and controlled. You need to be in your rhythm right at the start and up with the pack through to the wall. A strong wall then power up through 60m to 80m. The best 100 guys (And women.) have always made their move at around 60m to 65m. The last 20m is who can hold on longest.
The 100m is speed endurance. It's like the 200m in track.