Monday, August 01, 2011

£269-million worth of pool - The 'Guardian UK' 2012 London Aquatics Pool Review

The Guardian UK gives the specifics for the London 2012 Aquatics Center. Underwater windows will allow cameras to really photograph the nuances each swimmer's stroke:

"... apparently. One of the most gorgeous spaces turned out to be the underwater view of the pool seen through the windows provided for TV cameras. It looks like an art installation. ..."


Then there is more here:

I am sure that the Aquatic Centre could have been built more cheaply and easily, and without its crashes of permanent and temporary. It is a building that will be at its best after the games, when the flippers have been replaced by the great glass walls, although it will then face a new risk of being too grand for a public pool. The wavy roof risks being too small for the Olympics and too big for its afterlife. It can only be hoped that, whatever plans are made for its future upkeep, they are equal to the ambitions of the structure.


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