Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage swim ad Friday: This one for 'Ralph Lauren' circa 1980's

This one From Ralph Lauren actually is a totally functional design that would even work as a swim suit. It covers the shoulders from sunburn and is extraordinarily sexy; but then again, all of Ralph Luren's stuff is a classic and never really dates itself.

Found at Glamour Splash: [Link]

And that's not all, I went to the website as the watermark denotes and to my surprise, the site actually sells vintage swim suits from years gone by... [Link]


Lisa said...

The fact that the 80's now constitutes "vintage" makes me want to sob uncontrollably.

Tony Austin said...

I know! :-(

I wish I could go back too.

Sarah G said...

In P.E. class in the '60s we wore black swim suits. Kids ridiculed them, but they were flattering; not as flattering as the Ralph Lauren pictured (or maybe it's the model).

The boys didn't wear black; they awam nude.

Glenn said...

Wait. We're now "vintage"? Oh my. What exactly is the order of these things?
• Vintage
• Classic
• Antique
• ... I don't want to know.

The stages of aging I guess. :)