Saturday, September 17, 2011

WADA to relax ban on Clenbuterol for you can absorb it by eating beef products?!

Should, Jessica Hardy have been eligible to go to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 if WADA understood the doping drug known as Clenbuterol prevalence in the food supply?

Perhaps an injustice has been committed?

It appears meat eaters in some parts of the world may have low levels of this drug in their system most likely due to the lax standards their respective governments impose at the "meat incorporated" plants residing in their respective countries.

From BBC News:

"... Clenbuterol is a powerful drug used to treat asthma, but it can also help build up lean muscle mass and burn off fat.

The drug's growth-promoting ability has also found favour with beef farmers, particularly in China and Mexico.

The fact that humans can ingest the substance inadvertently by eating beef is putting pressure on Wada's rules, which deem the slightest trace to be a doping infringement. ..."



Above Ground Pools said...

I think drug testing has gone overboard. Yes, it is important to discourage performance enhancing drugs so athletes don't damage their bodies for a sport, but with zero tolerance there are so many things that could could result in false-positives.

Hairdressers Canterbury said...

Drugs testing probably has gone a bit overboard now you're right, but it wouldn't be fair to those who compete without anything in their system if drugs were allowed to enhance performance. WADA are only looking out for people and ensurin equality in competitive swimming.

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