Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Available for Download - David Berkoff evidentiary emails in the Jane Doe versus USA Swimming/Indiana Swimming lawsuit!

I have a time- stamped lawsuit complaint filed November 10, 2011 with the Marion County Superior Court Civil Division, signed by the clerk Elizabeth L. White that I promised to make available for download but I have a problem...

At the bottom of the document is some email-related evidence to validate statements made in the complaint by Jane Doe's attorney. This includes reference emails between David Berkoff, to Mike Saltzstein, Ken Stopkotte, and others. One email even includes Mr. Berkoff requesting "scuttlebutt" on two or more blacked-out names or situations. Who or what was he asking about and why was he asking? Where do his loyalties really lie and would you trust him if you were part of the USA Swimming management? Another question: Why would he say such things to these people with so much commitment and emotions?

I have no problem posting a public document but I do have a problem revealing email addresses and phone numbers. I promised to make the document public and I actually uploaded it for download but I am having second thoughts in regards to the privacy of those concerned. Hence, I am going to post the David Berkoff evidentiary portions of the brief above but black out the email addresses and phone numbers myself.

Click on the images above to read them.


Sarah G said...

Tony, I can't read the Berkoff email. The type is too small. Is there another way to post them?

Good job giving this visibility.

I'm learning there is so much more than just missing money and misappropriation of public resources involved in swimming. But I think sexual scandals and financial scandals often go together. They both need organizations that are incompetent and/or indifferent to the needs of those they should be serving.

Is USA Swimming worth saving? Doesn't swimming deserve a fresh start?

Tony Austin said...

I will send you the emails.

I think a new CEO and a better board could fix things at USA Swimming.

The company I work for makes more money than USA Swimming does and our CEO is not paid $800,000 a year and he is a famous CEO in venture capital circles.