Friday, November 11, 2011

USA Swimming releases a statement regarding the recent sex abuse lawsuit filed against them in Indiana!

To the left of this post is the pedophile that sexually abused a swimmer in Indiana. His name is Christopher Wheat and he subsequently pleaded guilty to his crime and is now serving time.

The text messages he sent admitting guilt were severely creepy on many levels - the primary content that really disturbed me is that he definitely knew that what he was doing was not only illegal but that he seemingly could not control it. The link below has some snippets of the conversation.

Below is the complete statement as quoted by from USA Swimming in regards to new lawsuit:

"We have received several press inquiries related to a press conference given by an Indiana attorney announcing the filing of a lawsuit against USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming. At this time, USA Swimming has not been served with a suit so we are not in a position to comment on these claims. However, to the extent that the attorney has claimed that USA Swimming has a culture of protecting pedophiles, that is categorically untrue. There is nothing more important to USA Swimming than the safety and well-being of its 300,000 members. For that reason, the organization has developed one of the most comprehensive Athlete Protection Programs among Olympic Sports.

"In addition, the attorney's allegation that USA Swimming had been warned of sexual abuse by Chris Wheat is also untrue. The first instance that USA Swimming learned about abuse by Chris Wheat was when we were notified of his arrest in September 2009. Upon learning of the arrest, USA Swimming immediately implemented the process to expel and permanently ban Chris Wheat from USA Swimming which was accomplished shortly thereafter in December 2009."

I cannot fine the lawsuit brief - The crux of the USA Swimming statement and the allegations therein are summarily the old Watergate cliche: what did USA Swimming know and when did they know it. If the answer is as that say, September 2009, as firmly stated above, then the allegations are a non-issue and people like me should acknowledge their integrity.

If a complaint was sent well before the arrest which the accusers state was in 2008, then this is pretty serious.


hydro said...

I have met pedophiles with frequency in athletics. They are very good at hiding who they are and keeping victims threatened and controlled enough to stay silent. They are expert manipulators and frequently use their skills against bosses and co-workers to their own selfish benefit. There are some very long time standing leaders at the top of some of our organizations that are manipulators and pedophiles. To them I am saying, "your days are numbered, you will not win this time, we are going to tar and feather you and feed your disgusting bodies to the sharks."

Tony Austin said...

...and pit bulls too