Friday, December 23, 2011

ABC News Review: 'Michael Phelps: Push the Limit' for 'Kinect!'

It is not a positive review but it is constructive. A video game journalist and G4 video game reviewer named, Adam Sessler, even warned before this game was made that: "...Swimming — in even a Mario game — is a miserable experience - Kotaku"

I think an analogy would be the ballet. Imagine playing a 'Bolshoi Ballet' dance game? The nuance and such would only be appreciated by dancers and those that appreciate dance much like a swimming game would only be appreciated by swimmers.
From ABC News:

"... Then the race begins and you're stuck attempting to swim in a very strict rhythm for 400 short meters. Go too fast and your stamina will deplete, then get ready to receive sixth place in a swimming video game. 
The entire game consists of variations of strokes and course lengths. It feels like the title would have been better as cheap downloadable content or packaged in a larger Olympic sports world. At least keep with the swimming theme and give us diving as an option.

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