Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Polar Bear Swims - Who let the bears out!

The snappy dressers of Milwaukee represents with a slideshow of swimmers polar bears getting busy!

From Molly Synder's blog:

"...And so when I learned Anita was going to do it again, that she was going to dive under to wash off some of 2011's pain and loss, I decided I would do it, too.

Funny thing is, Anita talked me into doing it in '06, and again in '08, but I did it again this year not because she talked me into it, but in solidarity to a true friend. So here's to new memories in 2012, Anita, and mark my words, I am never, ever doing this again. [Link]

Snappy dresser takes a bath at Coney Island too. New York Daily News has the details. [Link]

Welcome to Vancover, Now, quick, let's go home! Anybody who greets you in that sort of attire... well, it;s nature's way of saying "don't touch!"

About 1500 people came out on a five-degree and overcast afternoon to witness 355-registered swimmers take the plunge into five-degree waters at Centennial Beach. [Link]

We'll see how super they are in about .01-seconds.

Honestly, it's stupid enough to be jumping into a hole in the ice, but to do it with  bulky outfits, shoes, and some serious male compensation issues. No, that's not smart. Welcome to Wisconsin. Go see the slideshow: [Link]

Slide show and a movie of the Halifax polar bear swim at the CTV NEWS site. [Link]

This polar bear swim took place at Loony Dock., Scotland No, really! See comment section for explanation.

I must say that the polar bear swimmers at Loony Dock, Scotland are definitely the most festive. [Link]

200 polar bears invade Charlottetown Harbour, in where else, Canada! [Link]


Anonymous said...

The Scottish Event is the Loony Dook rather than Dock.

A dook in Scotland is a swim or an immersion in water.

Where I live in the North East of Scotland you might hear said "Are yi gan fi a dook?" meaning "Are you going for a swim?"

Dookers usually means swimming trunks or shorts or less commonly any form of swimming costume.

However dookers can also mean swimmers like it does in the news reports.

Loony means, well, loony!

Tony Austin said...

When I go to Scotland, I am in trouble. I better hire an interpreter. Thanks for the correction - It time for me to go dooking!

Michelle said...

Aren't most of these events for charity? I'm wondering how people don't catch phnemonia!

Tony Austin said...

No matter what anybody says, jumping into water like this is not good for you! Especially those with a heart rhythm issue called "Long QT Syndrome" which can result in instant death as a result of the cold shock.