Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Apple iPad is having a significant impact on swimming!

Glenn Mills was telling me all about these advantages 3-years ago when he made his iPhone app. The rest of the world is catching up:

From PennLive.com
“I’ve had mine for about four or five weeks and I learn more about it every day,” said Susquehanna Twp. coach LuAnn Hetherington.

“The major thing I use it for is in practice. When I see something wrong and I’m looking at somebody swimming something wrong, I immediately grab the iPad and film them.

“Then I pull them out of the water individually and let them watch it.”

The name of the game in coaching is feedback to the athlete.

The iPad allows coaches to give their swimmers immediate visual feedback.

“Anytime you can use video in your coaching, it’s going to help,” Gobrecht said.

“It gives you a chance to look for the little things that swimmers do with turns and kicks.”

At the Mid-Penn Conference Championships on Feb. 11, Northern coaches Scott Zacharda and Bill Resser incorporated the iPad into their postrace chat with each swimmer.

“Scott would debrief all of the swimmers first and then he’d tell them to go over to [me] and [I would] show them what they did,” Resser said.

“You can talk to them after the meet, but with this, it’s immediate. We can show them right away what they need to work on even before their next race.”

With its quick-snap photo capability, easy-to-use video camera and software upgrades, coaches see no end to the possibilities for incorporating the iPad into their routine.



Joel / the17thman said...

At my last USMS meet I saw a few of them deckside being used to film. But I wouldn't call it a significant impact as in the past we've had CoachCam and other devices. Of course you can't use CoachCam at a swim meet but then again you can't use an iPad.

I gotta admit when someone was walking very close to the edge of the pool I kept thinking "someone is about to drop one very expensive toy." Hey, I've seen many a digital and non-digital camera dropped in a pool at swimming events. At least the guy in the photo was smart enough to use some sorta of waterproof pounch.

Glenn said...

I still think the best tool currently is the iPhone4S. The camera is better than the iPad (we'll see what happens later today), you can carry it in your pocket, do some on deck eval (obviously, screen not as big), but then email the higher quality video to the swimmer or upload to eval software for further study later. Plus... you can get a Lifeproof waterproof case for it while you're near the water. Just much more convenient... in my opinion.

Aquaticus said...

Check out an ap for your iPhone or iPad called Coaches Eye. You can slow motion, stop, rewind, draw lines, make circles, etc....all with MINIMAL blurring. All sorts of neat things that are great for immediate feedback for your swimmers.

Tony Austin said...

Neato. I am going to ask Glenn Mills to do a post regarding his iPhone thoughts regarding coaching as well.

surfer said...

love my pad. got it 6 months ago. now i show them what they are doing, and follow with a vid of what we want it to look like plus a little detail talk. Works great!!!

Tony Austin said...

Awesome, I am going to ask Glenn Mills to write a post on this.