Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FINA take note: techsuits for horses! - Was going to wait till "April Pools" to post this but this is for real and too good to pass up.

Now, this was this too good to pass up! Becasue I think the Speedo FASTSKIN3 system costs almost as much.

From Gizmodo:
According to the inventors, the suit “enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to animal’s muscles and speeds up the removal of waste products—like lactic acids and carbon dioxide—for vital blood supplies.” They say that this helps to “recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and it reduces muscle fatigue and by flushing out bad blood it reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.” 
For around £550 each, it sounds good to me, no matter how stupid and freaky it looks. I mean, if you were a horse, would you use this ridiculous suit with a giant poop hole on the back or would you rather get shot in the head and turned into dog food and sausages for French people.
If I remember correctly, TYR actually got spanked by FINA; (I won't name which company I feel was responsible for inspiring FINA to make that decision to spank TYR), because of the same promises listed above. Who knew techsuits could do that? TYR did!

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Anonymous said...

That's for recovery, not racing. Same reason swimmers wear compression clothes already for recovery not racing.