Friday, March 30, 2012

The London 2012 50p Aquatics coin or $0.80 USD.

Imagine if Chicago got the 2016 Olympics and the US Treasury created a $1.00 coin to commemorate it? Great Britain is and does that denote how seriously Great Britain is taking these Olympics or is it a covert way to encourage public investment?

You can get a 2012 Olympic 50p coin that represents your favorite sport for £2.99 from the royal mint but ask yourself this, will it be an investment or a souvenir?  - [Link]

Omega watches is offering a 2012 commemorative collection of timepieces of their Seamaster line.  

The Seamaster is quite an accomplished line of watches. I am wearing one now that my grandfather handed down to me which he purchased in 1964 which certainly proves that Omega makes solid timepieces.  I am told that every Omega Commemorative Olympic watch has become a collectors item but I am suspicious of that claim. Though Omega did sell out of its 2008 Olympic Beijing commemorative watch collection, I was able to find a new one selling for sub-retail price.

The 2012 watches will sell for about $3,000-to-$5000. - [Link]

In my humble opinion the only Olympic souvenir worth owning is your personal certification as an Olympian, your ticket stub or a torch that contributed to lighting the the Olympic flame. If you really want a sound investment, invest in yourself first.

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Bill Ireland said...

Actually the only real Olympic souvenir worth having is a Rings tattoo. I have seen several and they are very cool. Even to people like me who do not ordinarily like tatoos.