Monday, March 26, 2012

Mission Viejo Nadadores Coach: Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury Accused of Improper Relationship With Minor!

Got word today from two readers, the first pointed me to this Swimming World article which includes terrible news from the Orange County Register as well as a press release from the Mission Viejo Natadores:

From Swimming World:
The OC Register states that USA Swimming is currently investigating when the Nadadores found out about the alleged misconduct. [...]

The article further states that the Mission Viejo Nadadores are currently in the midst of a rift based on the handling of the investigation into allegations.

"I believe (Dusenbury) did (have an improper relationship) and I didn't agree with the fact that he was still on (the pool) deck," former Nadadores chairman Rick Brotherton told the OC Register. "I thought by my staying there I was making a statement that I felt everything was fine and I didn't believe everything was fine. So we left. I didn't want people thinking 'The Brothertons are still here. It must not be as bad as they're saying it is.' ..." 

There is way more in the article which details evidence, history and response but it does get worse? A second reader sent me this

On September 5th, 2012, Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury, is slated to give a "Level Two" stroke class at the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) World Clinic in Las Vegas. (See ASCA screenshot above).

Either ASCA endorses him or ASCA did not get the memo, (read as the Orange County Register article).

Here is the Link: [Link]

Now waiting for USA Swimming's response...


Anonymous said...

The article you linked to has a quote from Dusenbury's new employer, the president of Voices for Children, Kathleen Fletcher:
"...of course we did a background check -- no problems other than apparently an angry and vengeful ex-girlfriend."
Wow. That's ironic. Kathleen Fletcher is most certainly NOT a voice for children. Or women. There's no indication in any of the articles that this had anything to do with the ex-girlfriend, except she turned a DVD video diary over to the club rather than be a silent enabler.

Tony Austin said...

I actually looked up where Dusenbury went to go work and lo and behold, he is working with a guy named George Block, the guy who wanted to replace FINA and who is held in high regard by John Leonard.

Are they unconscious or something over at USA Swimming? Do they not see how ASCA sort of takes care of their coaches more so than it does the actual swimmers and the policies USA Swimming is trying to implement?

They are a certifying body, not a union or a protective league!