Thursday, April 26, 2012

200m Free: Can Phelps repeat in London? - The previous four winners could not.

Superstition or biological in nature, the last four men; (excluding Michael Phelps), to win gold in the 200m Free at an Olympic games were not been able to defend that title in a subsequent Olympics. Will Michael Phelps break that trend?

Here is the list:

4. 1992 - Evgeni Sadovyi, Russian: Dominated both the 200m Free and the 400m Free

3. 1996 - Danyon Loader, New Zealand: Also dominated both the 200m Free and the 400m Free

2. 2000 - Pieter van den Hoogenband, Dutch: Dominated the 200m Free and the 100m Free

1. 2004 - Ian Thorpe, Australian: Dominated the 200m Free and the 400m Free 1. 2008 - Michael Phelps, American: Dominated EVERYTHING!

Phelps and Yannick Agnel own the fastest times in this event if you include the past year.


TedBaker said...

Whoever wins it will be 1:43-low or, perhaps, 1:42-high. I still think it's Phelps but Yannick Angel will give him a hell of a run. And Park, too... If I were picking today, I'd say Phelps, Angel, Park. 1,2,3.

Tony Austin said...

Sun Yang would own them all if he did not do that triple breath thing off the wall. Yeah, he breathes on the right, the left and the right again after each turn.