Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here is my three-thousandth post to this blog - "thirteen Olympic swimmers are suing 'Samsung' over a 'Facebook' App

I can't steal the heart of the article but Samsung has a Facebook app that is at the heart of this legal matter.
If Samsung did this to me, I would sue too. 
From the Washington Post: "...Along with Spitz, Evans and Louganis, 13 other swimmers [...] Amanda Beard, Jessica Hardy, Dara Torres, Jason Lezak, Cullen Jones, Eric Shanteau, siblings Caroline and Clark Burckle, Brooke Bennett, Kristy Kowal, Kim Vandenberg, Aaron Peirsol... " 
Now here is the burn - did the USA Olympic Committee sell them out? Samsung is an official partner. Did the USOC allow their their names or otherwise to be used?

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