Friday, May 18, 2012

CRAIG LORD: Swimming New Zealand boss and the board of directors asked to resign!

I am actually linking to Swim News because this article is that important. There is a saying, "Only Richard Nixon could go to China." (Richard Nixon was an anti-communist President who opened relations with Communist China.) Well, Only Tony Austin can link to Swim News. ;-)

Could the same happen to USA Swimming after an intense public scrutiny? How much power does the CEO or Board of Directors have? Who would win in fight between the two?

From Swim News:
The chief executive of Swimming New Zealand Mike Byrne is reported to have cleared out his office in readiness for quitting after an independent review of the sport in his country recommended that the entire board resign and the role of chief executive be overhauled.
The review, carried out by the former chief executive of the New Zealand rugby union Chris Moller, was undertaken after a falling out between the national body and its regional organisations over the governance of governance.


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