Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For men only: The best diagnostic weight measurement tool for the male gender!

Doctor Alan Lee of UCLA told me that the best way for a man to determine if his overall weight is in the healthy range is to take a tape measure and measure both your height and your waist size. Once you have those numbers take you waist size and times it by two.  Then compare the numbers. If the waist size surpasses the height numeral, you are in serious trouble.

For instance, I am 73.5-inches tall; My waist is 36-inches-in-circumference. Once I double the 36-numeral, my value is obviously 72-inches which is an inch-and-a-half less than my height. I am shooting for a 34-inch waist but considering that my waist was once 41-inches-in-circumference some 8-years ago, I am pretty happy.

One-in-three people are obese and that includes swimmers. If you need or want a "wake-up call" so as to be "scared skinny" - see the new HBO series Weight of the Nation or got to the site link. Being just slightly overweight and/or obese is summarily shocking once you see what it does to the inside of your body.


Phil@undergroundpools said...

If you already lost that many inches, I'm sure you can get down to a 32. I used to be 36 but managed to get down to 31. I'm now at about 33 and will be doing a lot of swimming to get back into shape.

Tony Austin said...

I had a 32-inch waist when I was 19-years-old and I was quite thin. Swimming has bulked me up a bit. 34-would be great, 32? Only if I lost no muscle with it.

Thank you for the encouragement. :-D

junker23 said...

Just finished watching all 4 hours of that documentary. Can't recommend it enough.

I used the MyLifeCheck thingy it referred to in one of 'em - I did OK in most categories, but I never realized how terrifying my diet is. Needs me some more veggies.