Monday, May 21, 2012

Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl Tri - Triathlete dies during swim portion of cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest again and as usual drowning was not the official cause of death.  After being rescued from the water by lifeguards, the triathlete later died in a hospital.

There is seemingly something about the start of a triathlon that can take a presumably healthy candidate and tax their heart into a cardiac event. Could it be the lack of a warm-up? the water is too warm or or too cold. Low QT syndrome and/or even fright?

From the Florida Times Union:
"... The 44-year-old man suffered an apparent cardiac arrest and was rescued from the water by event lifeguards, said Eric Garvey, spokesman for the Jekyll Island Authority.

EMTs from the Jekyll Island Fire Department met the lifeguards on the beach and began performing CPR immediately, Garvey said. ..."


Open water swimming is the "wild west" of our sport and it needs a lot of investigation as to how to make it safer. From water temps, to heart rythms, to safety standards.

Above is a photo of the Alcatraz Sharkfest boat drop-off and starting line taken by Scott Belland.


Anonymous said...

"Open water swimming is the "wild west" of our sport".. jaja, and masters competition also, many swimmers are "blind"

Tony Austin said...

That's why I sprint the first 200-yards to get into a pod of swimmers that know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

just saw a post from the family of the man...I was there, and I can say...there was not enough safety considered the day of this tri. It was rough waters and the swim was delayed (nobody ever let the athletes know why-nothing was relayed to them) There appeared to be only two boats in the water which was a concern to me and I am a good swimmer!