Friday, May 04, 2012

John Trembley won't be charged; but he did get fired over sexually graphic emails

John Trembley was fired and put under criminal investigation for four months. I had heard rumors of drug addiction and financial malfeasance but he was ultimately fired for having what has become quite a cliche in our sport, sex issues. Along with that were admitted drug issues too but it was the sex stuff with the university that got top billing for his firing.

"...During an examination of these issues, the university discovered that Coach Trembley had engaged in a number of intolerable acts using his university e-mail account. ..." The phrase "filthy fantasies" is thrown out there too.

To be fair to Trembley, the police investigated the coach up-and-down and though his "filthy fantasies" as the university describes them were sexual in nature along with his "...intolerable acts using his university e-mail account," the police did not arrest him for it.

From Go Vols Extra:

KNOXVILLE — Suspicions of mismanaged or stolen money uncovered no crimes, but an investigation found a secret life of online sex, drug addiction and filthy fantasies led by John Trembley, the disgraced former University of Tennessee men's swim coach fired earlier this year, authorities said today. 
The sport has a problem and though it is getting pretty good at banned lists and investigations, apparently it needs some "preventative sauce."


Anonymous said...

Tony, is this your way of apologizing to Craig Lord and all of the other people you said were making stories up? Or were we supposed to pretend like that never happened?

You must be torn now - your hatred for dirty coaches is in conflict with your hatred to admit that you were wrong and Craig was right.


Tony Austin said...

I am not torn, I am doing a post that tears this guy apart. When facts change or new facts come to light, I change.

Tony Austin said...

The post is up - I severely tear into Trembly

As for Lord, did he not say that sex was not involved.