Friday, May 11, 2012

Michael Phelps' contrasting quotes: "I'm in shape!" - "depends what kind of shape I'm in"

Michael Phelps tells the news magazine show 60-Minutes " now approaching the shape he was in before Beijing..." - later tells the Huffington Post when asked how many events he will swim in London:  "...It just depends what kind of shape I'm in at that point and what I think my body can handle under those circumstances. ..."

I am going to say what everybody is thinking but nobody will say: He hates his job. He's burned out. He does not want to work out 5-hours each day. Michael Phelps is the greyhound that caught the rabbit and went, "wait a minute, this isn't a rabbit. It's a plushy toy! What the ...! You mean I've been working out 5-hours a day for the past 20-years and all I get is this $1.99 plushy toy. I am in the wrong business. I know, I'll start a dog school and teach other dogs how to chase this thing! Yeah, that's the ticket."


junker23 said...

Nobody will say Phelps pretty much hates swimming? He basically said it himself in that '60 Minutes' interview, clearly enough that one of my non-swimmer friends texted me "So phelps hates swimming."

And I mean, I can't really blame him. It's not like he has anything to prove - only a buttload of money to make.

Tony Austin said...

Now that he is about to sell swim lessons - it's just odd that he brands himself a swim burnout who can't wait to get away from the pool.

junker23 said...

I mean, he can always sell learning to swim as safety issue (like Cullen Jones) instead of becoming your entire life. Leading up to Beijing he basically said he only swam, ate and slept. (With some videogaming thrown in every now and again.) I don't think anyone would sell swimming in that way.

Anonymous said...

I don't see much sign he cares about the sport outside of himself and what it can do for him. Fair enough, he wants more medals. Who wouldn't if they had the chance? But don't come across as all whiny, woe is me about it.