Sunday, May 13, 2012

Possible new jellyfish rediscovery?

Is this a hoax; I don't know? I have seen a similar type of creature known as a Spanish Dancer but this creature, if it is real, is oddly asymmetrical and seemingly alien to this world.

I wonder what its calorie demands are and what it eats?

From RT News:

According to the information on the screen, the video was recorded at a depth of 5,045 feet (1,538 meters) – reportedly, by a remote-controlled underwater cameras during deep-sea drilling near the UK.
Some scientists believe it to be Deepstaria enigmatica, a jellyfish first described after a deep-sea submersible dive in 1967.
“This bag-like jelly is not that rare, but is large, so rarely seen intact,” Steven Haddock, a scientist from California, said on his “JellyWatch” Facebook page."This type of jellyfish is usually found in the south Atlantic Ocean, some 5,000 feet below."


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