Sunday, June 03, 2012

Acording to Swimming World USA Swimming has a "private flag list" for potential members.

 Following the arrest of  Coach Joshua David Tatro in the San Francisco Bay Area for sexually assaulting a student, Swimming World reveals that USA Swimming has a "private flagged list" much like the TSA's "No Fly List."

Obviously this will be only be used in the event that the man is found guilty but it makes me wonder, does the American Swimming Coaching Association have such a list too or do they use USA Swimming's?

From Swimming World:
"... This means that USA Swimming currently does not have jurisdiction to begin the process to add Tatro to the public Banned for Life list. However, there is the potential for USA Swimming to convene the process that will lead to Tatro being added to the private flagged list the organization keeps in case someone attempts to gain membership at a later date...."


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Anonymous said...

They should be required to notify the individuals who appear on their "Private" list. For all we know people may be on the list for voicing their opinions.