Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thug Life: Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk posing with guns on their social network pages

"...Guns never settle anything, I said, guns are a fast curtain to a bad second act" -- Philip Marlowe from Raymond Chandler's book, Playback.

It's fun book, I think it was his last and I love the opening scene which had me laughing for five minutes.

So, posing with guns! what a socio-geographic concept to be sorely offended by.

In Dallas, Texas, the photos would be considered cool since the population therein is allowed to carry concealed weapons. (Yes, Texas is that crazy.) Then there is Los Angeles, Berkley and San Francisco, If an HR director saw these photos during a background check seeing their potential employees posing enthusiastically with "riot guns" and "nines," they would be unemployable. In West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, they would be considered a welcomed neighbor.

Imagine Somalia or Afghanistan?

This is a cultural issue as well as a geographical one. Australia will have to deal with it but in America it's an issue with 256-shades of gray all depending on your geographical location.

From USA Today:
"...The photo of Monk holding two pump-action shotguns and standing beside D'Arcy, who had a pistol in each hand, in a U.S gun shop spread quickly in social and traditional media Thursday, with Sydney Daily Telegraph taking to Twitter to ask: "Are you offended by this photograph of Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk in a US gun shop?"
Swimming Australia issued a statement saying it became aware of "inappropriate photos" and "instantly contacted the athletes involved to ask for them to be removed..."
It's my opinion this photos are simply "thug life" satirical poses on their part. They look about as dangerous as a bad actor on a "soap opera." Unfortunately these guys are public figures and when you are a public figure your personality has to be more mythical than factual.


Anonymous said...

yep, it's cultural.. Also, I suspect, it being Kenrick Monk (infamous lie) and Nick D'Arcy (infamous punch).

Looks like swimming is full of douches (not just phelps!). I just read this article about Spitz and he didn't seem to enjoy his job either -

"There is something very depressing about being the best in the world at something," he said later. "I was programmed for all those years. I swam two and a half hours in the morning and two in the evening, maybe seven miles a day for six years, and during all those hours I'd think about getting out of the pool at the end of the session and how pleasant that was going to be. I loved to think about getting out."

Tony Austin said...

I just fixed some of the grammar. Yes, I met some people who swam with him. One person, an Olympian, told me his comeback was a farce. He was only swimming 3-days a week in masters swimming and in his opinion he only did it for the money.

A shame that these people can't be as politically dynamic as a Lance Armstrong or Roger Federer.

Anonymous said...

People need to relax.

People like to take unique photos - there's nothing wrong with it.

Tony Austin said...

I agree.

junker23 said...

Bwahaha oh man, that Telegraph article is incredibly uptight. I'm not in love with the Second Amendment or anything (I think it's antiquated and guns shouldn't be so easy to procure) but posing for a picture at a shooting range is completely harmless. D'Arcy said it himself - guns are super-fun, when used in a safe, controlled environment. Which they were, at a shooting range. Nothing to go crazy about, Australia.

The real thing to get riled up about regarding the picture isn't the guns, but D'Arcy's "thug life" face - it's fairly racist. That should be the real issue. I've got no problem with Monk's pose in the picture, kid's just cheesin', looking all happy. But D'Arcy, not so much.

But hell, I'm MUCH more offended with random interjection of the Virginia Tech Massacre and the murders at Port Arthur in that article. That's just ludicrous. "Idiot cricket star" Ricky Ponting pictured here seemingly admiring and examining an instrument similar to that used by Christopher Gleeson to murder Kenneth Moore last year. Hell, cars kill plenty of people. Explain yourself, Mr. Hackett!

Anonymous said...

junker23 said... Explain yourself, Mr. Hackett!

jaja.. son buena gente los australianos de mierda esos

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can pick up some sponsorships from gun manufacturers.

Shooting is an Olympic Sport. They were not doing anything illegal.

What next - punish the Olympic Shooter for wearing and posting a picture in a brief - now that could be a real embarrassment for any government.

Tony Austin said...

You made me realize something - Australia has severe neurotic episodes when it comes to morals, national image and alcohol.

Guns are weapons, they are tools for hunters, recreational items for target shooting and in the rarest of cases a protective measure. How many actors pose with guns to drum up business? In fact, Hollywood has even made guns, and smoking too, seem healthy. I perceived this as two young adults trying to look like a "movie star" or "rapper" in a satirical way.

JaJa showed us the Grant Hackett domestic bust-up image. Of course D'Arcy got sued into bankruptcy after a drunken brawl. Geoff Huegil to a lesser extent got into some trouble as well though to his credit he has redeem himself in a huge way and has become quite an inspiring member of their team.

Australia has issues with both alcohol and morals.

Look at this Fosters Beer print ad:

I mean, is that promoting alcoholism or what! - Going after the swimmers is the wrong target don't you think.

Anonymous said...

I think the problems were the types of guns they posed with, the fact that it was D'Arcy and Monk of all people, and that they posted it to a public forum like Facebook. The shotguns were the same kind used in the Port Arthur massacre (35 Australians killed, 21 wounded, by one guy), and D'Arcy and Monk are two individuals who have already demonstrated terrible judgment. Taking that photo wasn't a problem; the stupid thing was posting it just a couple months before the Olympics when they should already be on their best behavior because of media scrutiny and their past lapses.

Tony Austin said...

I do not like guns but i own two target shooting weapons, both are .22s. When i go to the target range people with magnums and 9mms tell me that they wish they they would have bought the .22 pistol i have since it is quiet and way less kick to it.

A shotgun to me is something a hunter shoots ducks with or an LAPD officer uses to do some serious work with.


Those who do are either making fun of themselves, are proud owners, or they have some serious compensation issues.

Those two guys are apparently unmeasured.