Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tyler Clary works out 24-hours a week

I really want to see Tyler Clary make it in the 400-IM.


I’m in the water 10 times a week for two hours apiece. During the regular season I lift weights twice a week for a total of three hours. I also do dryland exercises that add up to another hour. So it’s basically 24 hours of working out a week. I’m also pretty active outside of training. I’m constantly working out, basically. Anytime I’m not, I’m resting. People don’t realize how valuable resting [is] when you’re working as hard as we do.



Anonymous said...

This sounds like nothing out of the ordinary for an elite 400 IMer. I would venture to say that if he is only doing 24 hours per week that his probably significantly behind Lochte and Phelps.

Chris DeSantis said...

Go Phelps! Make Tony drink some haterade

Tony Austin said...

That's the spirit, and why don't you pour yourself a nice root beer gloat. a perfect drink for an age grouper like yourself! ;-)