Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woman who survived breast cancer can now swim topless in Seattle city pool.

A woman who survived breast cancer has now won the right to swim in a Seattle city pool topless. 

 From Seattle Pi:
"... Jaecks spoke to a staffer at the pool, who didn't have an issue with her intent to swim topless. Neither did the assistant manager, who wanted to clear it with the pool manager. Eventually, Jaecks says she spoke with Kathy Whitman, aquatics manager for the city parks department, who eventually told her that despite the fact that she no longer had breasts, she would still have to cover up. ..."


Anonymous said...

jaja.. she can because the very well surgical operation and minimal scars

junker23 said...

Now I'm generally as progressive as they come and am not opposed to her doing this at all, but I'm curious as to the necessity of it. They mentioned she'd be in pain if wearing a top while she was recovering - could she just wear some type of swim shirt?