Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOW! Michael Phelps did it - He swam the 200-free like a boss!

Michael Phelps beats Lochte by fractions of a second in the 200-Free. I am astonished!

He should donate a lock of his hair to science so he can have his genome sequenced. His genes are way different than yours and mine.

I was so convinced that the "Mighty Casey" was going to "strike out at bat..." Rats, foiled again. ;-)


junker23 said...

That was a fun race. The field was waaay close to Phelps/Lochte than I'd expected, though I suppose that has something to do with where everyone is relative to a full taper.

In other interesting news, it appears Phelps scratched the 100 Free tomorrow? He probably "deserves" a spot on the relay either way, but he did look a bit sluggish in the 200 Fly semi.

Anonymous said...

Why are you such a hater? Phelps coming back to Lockte's level is the best thing that could happen to swimming this quadrennial.

Would people be interested if Phelps was blowing everyone out of the water like he did four years ago?

Tony Austin said...

Anon, I made a new post incorporating your question... "Enjoy"