Tuesday, July 10, 2012

American Opening Ceremonies Uniforms for the 2012 Olympics

A throwback outfit reminiscent from the 1930's; these uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren look both sporty in a retro sort of way and quite well mannered.

Hopefully Ralph Lauren inspires a trend in the US that gets we Americans to stopped dressing so sloppy.

Ryan Lochte, to the left and holding the flag looks fantastic. Though I am no fan of white shoes, they really work this uniform in a big way.

We will be the snappiest dressers at the games!

 Here a link to the design gallery of these uniform from USA Today:  [Link]


Anonymous said...

US Congress is in an uproar because the uniforms were made in China.

Tony Austin said...

Congress is paid to vote and paid to vote right but they pay themselves first.

They passed the laws allowing our manufacturing jobs, union jobs, and entertainment work to be exported.

They not only allowed but actually embraced an unsecured border policy even though we are at war and the first thing you do in a time of war is secure your borders. They did this so as to exploit low wage workers from Mexico who indirectly pay taxes but can receive no services like SSI

They allowed us to get into the business of nation building of one stone age society and a second society that was never involved in the 9/11 terror plot.

They bail out banks but not cities or states like California and now they are suddenly shocked because Ralph Lauren utilizes every single law they passed?


Tony Austin said...

Correction: paid to vote left and paid to vote right