Monday, July 30, 2012

California State Supreme Court Denies USA Swimming's Request to Keep Coaching Molestation Documents Confidential

This was sent to me by a reader... 

California State Supreme Court ruling marks the seventh time that USA Swimming has been ordered to produce confidential coaching molestation documents...

USA Swimming argues that they want to protect the innocent but does that wash?

Two law firms representing a plaintiff named Jancy Thompson in a case seeking monetary damages for the alleged sexual abuse and molestation by a USA Swimming certified coach named, Norm Havercroft, claims that the molestation could have been prevented if USA Swimming made this guy's name public.

Snippet from the press release:
SAN JOSE, CA – July 31, 2012 -- The law firms of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard of San Jose, California, and Shamberg, Johnson and Bergman in Kansas City, Missouri, are announcing that the California State Supreme Court on Friday denied USA Swimming's request  to keep confidential the last twenty years of sexual molestation complaints filed against its coaches. In denying the petition for review, the State Supreme Court refused to hear USA Swimming's appeal of a lower court decision  that ordered the organization to turn over twenty years of coaching molestation records without redactions. Since the Supreme Court has denied the petition for review, the Court of Appeal ruling governs the case and further appeal in a California state court is not allowed.

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