Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did you see Ryan Lochte's cover on Time magazine? - I bet Octagon is "face-palming" over it!

In my opinion if Michael Phelps never announced his retirement and stated he was looking for 7-gold medals come London and that nothing was going to stop him, not only would he have been on the cover of Time Magazine but Octagon would be making twice as much money!

It's face palm time! - Great cover too!

From USA Today:

"... For TIME there were too many athletes for one cover. So they released five,including three in the U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte, gymnast Gabby Douglas and hurdler Lolo Jones all are featured on separate covers. British heptathlete Jessica Ennis is the cover in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while Japanese soccer star Homare Sawa is the cover is Asia. ..."



Liliana said...

Everyone who follows swimming has known for quite a while these are Phelps' last Olympics. He's been saying for years he won't be swimming past 30, so his retirement is no surprise for anybody. If Time thinks Lochte, Lolo Jones and Gabby Douglas are more deserving to be on the cover than the greatest Olympian ever competing for the last time - so be it. I just wish they (and others too) stopped mentioning Phelps on the same cover,(ab)using his name trying to sell more copies.

Swimmer Jane said...

Face palm indeed. Ryan Lochte deserves to be on the cover any way.

Tony Austin said...

EXACTLY! - He does and he deserves it. When someone gives "two-weeks" notice that they are going to quit their job, they are no longer a focal point nor as motivated as the "employee" that wants to replace them.

Lochte has the enthusiasm and work ethic to be that new "employee"