Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FOX Sports attacks Tyler Clary

FOX Sports actually pays Jen Floyd Engel? - She is actually on the payroll for FOX Sports? This is summarily the worst article I have ever read at FOX Sports.

Arguably the most important page in a newspaper is the sports section. It is the most important page because it chronicles man's achievements rather than his failures. I wish it were the business section but companies lie. Hence, the sports page is probably the most honest and most accurate page as well.

So, what did Jen Floyd Engel decide to do with her little corner of FOX Sports? She decided to spank and humiliate Tyler Clary in public over the philosophical points of fairness.

From FOX Sports:

How exactly does one out-incredible eight gold medals in a single Olympics? And what if Phelps does not win every event he swims in London? Will Clary be right? Will everybody agree with him?

How do I say this nicely?

Tyler Clary, meet life.

Life, meet Tyler.

Life, tell Tyler how you work.

Life: I’m not fair.

Kate Upton has a better rack than I do. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady have unfair amounts of natural talent, and everything that comes with such talent. Bill Gates does not have to balance his checkbook. And on and on and on. 

This would actually be a remarkable lesson if her audience were 8-years-old but they are not. Instead,  her little "straw-man"scolding is really nothing short of both teasing & degrading as she insinuates that Mr. Clary can't understand a phrase more that 6-words long. In fact, I think it crosses over the line into selective bullying. Here is a question, where was Engel when Bob Bowman said much, much worse? Maybe Engel needs six-word sentences to understand my point: How do I say this nicely? 
Tyler is an eleven-time All-American

He is a college graduate.

Speaks both honestly and respectfully. 
He works harder than Phelps. 
He changed his named to honor his stepfather. [Oops, 8-words.] 
He voiced his opinion politely.

So, Ms Engel, thanks for your "mommy scolding" it really added a solid "adults are in charge" sort of feel at FOX Sports.


Anonymous said...

It's FOX Sports. From the folks that bring you The Lying, Liars that Lie "News" Network. Wait, you expected more from it's sports editorial folks?

Tony Austin said...

Actually, yeah, I did. Where was I? Duh!!

I thought that they would leave a straight edge hard working American Olympian alone; (Read as teammate).