Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How fast is 100th-of-a second? Visa shows you with the help of Michael Phelps and Morgan Freeman

Megan sent us this and it's pretty boss. Thanks Megan!

This Visa spot titled, “100th of a Second,” features Michael Phelps’ legendary .01 second win in the100m butterfly as he out-touched Milorad Cavic to give him his 7th gold medal in the 2008  Beijing Olympic Games.

The spot is woven with footage of that dramatic finish with high-rez, slow-motion photography, of natural events within nature that take more than .01 seconds – the beating of a hummingbird’s wings, lighting striking, a blink of an eye – while the Morgan Freeman ultimately asks us fans “just think of the cheers if lighting strikes twice.”


Liliana said...

And all that you can achieve with little or no work at all...

Tony Austin said...

Well, 30% of the work. ;-)

Liliana said...

Just for a laugh: I criticized SwimSwam blog for not writing about the story that was trending in mainstream media - told them that burying head into sand has never solved any problem - but they kind of didn't like my comment and deleted it. Isn't it funny that SwimmingWorld reported that, but an independent (?) site/blog didn't? Someone enlighten me.

Tony Austin said...

I can't speak for SwimSwam... But I will anyway.

I joke with a photographer friend of mine about how swimming in the United States is just like that 1998 movie "Pleasantville." (look up the trailer or a scene fromit on You Tube)

Missy Franklin personifies that 1964 sociology demographic quite perfectly.

I think USA Swimming is the "mayor" of this allegorical "Pleasantville" and you can't rock the boat or you lose access.

Swimming World could do it since they are more established "citizen."