Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rowdy Gaines interviewed in the "New York Times."

Karen Krouse poses some thoughtful questions primarily about how Michael Phelps has not only changed the sport but rather owns it. (Imagine what he could have done with all that power?)

This was my favorite question:

[Question:] What was it like to see scalpers on the street selling tickets to a swim meet that you were covering live on prime-time network television? 
[Answer:] Part of me feels a little like Rod Laver, you know? Not that I compare myself to Rod Laver at all, but during his era, tennis wasn’t the same as it is now in terms of popularity. I’d like to think that my era kind of ushered that in. I think L.A. kind of started that going. But I don’t want to sugarcoat it. The guy that did it all was Michael Phelps. We have to thank Michael. I think we undervalue his amazing gift of swimming. It’s because of Michael that you see 14,000 people here. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be 12,000 people here or even 10,000, but I think Michael has transformed this sport. 

 Perfect answer and a snappy dresser too.

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