Wednesday, August 01, 2012

John Leonard spanked - FINA issues statement in support of Ye Shiwen!

Two people are the instigators of this Olympic Swimming smear but John Leonard was the one who really shot his mouth off to The Guardian. Consequently, people actually paid attention to him because of his "swanky title" and/or his leadership connection to the World Swimming Coaches Association. (His titles are seemingly multiple choice when you look at his corporate filings.)

From Swimming World:
Following recent comments reported in the media, FINA would like to clearly state that there is no factual basis to support this kind of insinuations related to the performances of the Chinese swimmer, Shiwen Ye.

This athlete has fulfilled all of the FINA Doping Control obligations, having been tested on four occasions in the last twelve months, including twice before the Chinese Olympic Trials in 2012.

FINA is a leading International Federation in the fight against doping and its policy aims at ensuring a drug-free sport in all of its aquatic disciplines.


In America we have low voter turnouts even though we are an established Republic and were once were the envy of the world. Unfortunately we have these low voter turnouts because our politicians run such negative ads against one another that voters, in abject disgust, want nothing to do with either candidate. Hence Americans just don't vote. See what I am leading up to?

When John Leonard called out Le Shiwen with his overwrought rhetorical questions to a Guardian reporter, it was as if he was telling the public at large that "swimming is dirty" and that any spectacular swim you see cannot be trusted and should always be questioned.

I viewed this international slam as if a "filthy animal got into the house of swimming" and now both FINA and USA Swimming had to do something to get it out.

(The "filthy animal..." quote is an homage to Gore Vidal who lived about dozen miles from my house. He used it to describe Truman Capote who he despised. May he rest in peace and be remembered.)


Charlie said...

BBC has an article on their front page today about Ye:

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That was boss, thanks for sending it in.I just blogged and credited it to you.