Saturday, August 25, 2012

Justin Bieber sends a "CARE" package to Missy Franklin.

Contrast Missy Franklin's to Ryan Lochte and we have two polar opposites in our Americana pop culture spectrum. Though each has a big heart, there is one who is poised, graceful and exuberant. The other is somewhat awkward, excited, and a bit "zippy."

 Missy Franklin has an admirer with a huge following and this is will bring more attention to our sport. 

From USA Today, Game On:

Bieber, who tweeted Franklin congratulations after she won her first Olympic gold medal, sent the 17-year-old swimmer a personalized present, Franklin told NBC's Today show Friday.

"He sent me a huge care package, which was so awesome," she said. "I walk home and my mom is so cute; she took everything out and set it out on the table. I had T-shirts and CDs and posters and all that stuff." 

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Anonymous said...

jaja.. Missy is today more popular than Justin and this one wants to take advantage