Friday, August 03, 2012

LA Galaxy Forward last night said this: "He’s a stud. He’s a champion, he’s the greatest ever..."

Guess who he was talking about?

Our soccer team, the L.A. Galaxy, and even their opponents, Real Madrid, had some amazing things to say about Michael Phelps' farewell tour:

Real Madrid defender, Alvaro Arbeloa said this:
"We are watching Phelps winning a gold medal, so congratulations for him, I think he’s fantastic."

Galaxy forward Landon Donovan had this to say about the world's most decorated swimmer:
"He’s a stud. He’s a champion, he’s the greatest ever," Donovan said Wednesday. "With all that we hear about and read about him, the guy can still do it and it’s impressive to see him as an athlete." 

Oh, the stylized play of the "Euros" spanked the pants off our street ball style of  play with a score of 5-to1.

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Anonymous said...

Phelps actually looks relaxed and looks like he is having fun. I'm happy for him.

He actually needed some silver to add to the gold and bronze. Now he has medals of every color.