Friday, August 03, 2012

Lochte's press spinning out of control: One night stands, peeing in the London pool etc. etc.

The L.A. Times is suggesting that Ryan Lochte may be swimming's new "bad boy!" - What a shame too because in the real world friends I know that have met him, interviewed him, have work with him have told me what a kind man he is and what a big heart he has.

Ryan Lochte might be edging toward the role of swimming's bad boy. Lochte proclaimed these Olympics "my time" for months in advance, then won two gold medals in six events. He swam his last event on Thursday night and promptly embarked on a media blitz, including appearances on NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Eurosport, E! and Access Hollywood.

He also did a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, in which he confessed that he urinated in the warm-up pool at the Olympics. TMZ picked up the story and blasted it across the Web within an hour.

They mention that he will be moving to L.A. too. I think it will be a nice career fit for him.


Likac said...

Two weeks ago Time made him a cover story. I'm sure they're asking themselves now 'what were we thinking?!' Talking about 15 min of fame - more like 15 sec of fame for Lochte. Next!

Tony Austin said...

I get a sense that he over promised and under delivered but he still had a great medal haul. Apparently his mouth go in the way and the expectations were too high.

Likac said...

There is a good lesson out there about building unrealistic expectations and failing to live up to them. He should fire his PR team - I don't care how many covers he got - those people are the ones who are responsible for creating the hype that had little to do with reality. It's because of that hype Lochte, who is a fantastic swimmer, now is being called "a has been who never was" by the media.
He should also "thank" some bloggers and analysts who were talking about surpassing Phelps' 8 golds and even predicting what events Lochte needed to swim to win 9 golds. Where are those people now to explain what happened?
Also, Troy should accept responsibility for not being able to make a good 4-year plan where he'd have his swimmer peaking during Olympics, not during WC a year before. I can't comprehend Troy's attitude. He had a talented swimmer who was willing to work hard and basically blew it....and all he has to say is that Lochte is a big boy and he can handle this situation.
Finally, Lochte has to quit calling himself a 'rock star' and checking the mirror more than necessary. People obviously aren't overwhelmed with his coolness and awesomeness...ridicule has already begun. He needs some serious media training.

Tony Austin said...

I just saw the photos of him in the limo... :-S

Yeah, media training for sure. A 17-year-old by the name of Missy Franklin should show mentor him.

Anonymous said...

Media training would come from his agent & manager and they are the biggest jokes. I have never seen an agent/manager play a more active role than these two bimbo's. Did anyone see the letter she posted to his web site.. She is making excuses.. She needs to focus on her job and not on tweeting.

If she knew what she was doing she would have had the whole family and Ryan prepped for the media storm. Its embarrassing. There was no need for the one night stand mix up, prep your people. He needs some real representation, not someone who can get him a VIP pass to clubs, or other sporting events..

She also doesn’t cares about the fans.. in Omaha she was so rude to everyone. Now that he is getting some heat. She is all about the fans. The best part of Ryan was how accessible he was, and they have changed that. She wouldn’t let him to talk anyone.. it was move alone.. we have to go.. come on.. Not to mention your at a swim meet and your dressing like your going to a club; It wasn’t even professional; white platform hooker heels. EEEk. They had them at signings just long enough to take a picture and tweet it and then they left; 30min for Ryan and Brendan and then they were turning people away. They need to realize that its not about them. Its about the athletes they represent. If I saw one more TEAM Wright tweet I was going to vomit. You don’t see PMG Evan or Peter Carlisle doing that. I don’t know; anyone else who signs with them, needs their head examined. I hope when he goes to Cali, he figures out there are better Agents out there..

Ok sorry had to vent. Rant end

Tony Austin said...

Wow! - would have made a great blog. It started out as a rant and finished constructively.

An athlete, when they go professional, should to be sat down and explained the consequences of being a pro.

Perhaps the average 20-plus-year-old does not understand the consequences of signing that contract with "Mr. Mephistopheles". That being, you have to represent yourself as "X, Y, or Z" and not go off brand.